Q&A With Alexa Aston

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Q&A With Alexa Aston 

This morning I start off the day with this Q&A with Alexa Aston, whose books are on the USA Today Bestsellers List. Alexa Aston writes historical romances which take place during the Regency, Medieval, & American Old West and contemporary romances set in small towns. All her romances can be read as standalones and includes series such as Suddenly a Duke, Second Sons of London, Lawmen of the West, & Sugar Springs. Her 2024 series will be The Strongs of Shadowcrest and Lost Creek.

Q: What is the research process like when writing historical romance? 

A: I taught history for many years, so I have tons of research from my teaching days, which makes for a good start. One research place which has proven valuable is the children’s section of my public library, a hidden gold mine! When I first started writing medieval romance, I found that children’s books had great illustrations of castles, clothing, and weapons and wonderful explanations in simple language.

I will research a topic and then use pieces of that research many times over. For example, I’ve written over 50 Regencies, researching everything from titles, the Napoleonic Wars, weddings, clothing, manners, education, entertainment, and food. I can go back to that well of information time and again, sprinkling new and different tidbits through my romance, lending authenticity to those Regencies. 

I’ve also used the internet, books, and excursions to research occupations. I’ve had heroines who were a furniture designer, dog trainer, portrait artist, and Bow Street runner, learning about these professions through books and websites. I even visited the Texas Rangers Museum in Waco when I wrote about a hero who was a Texas Ranger. Research is definitely a fun aspect of writing historical romance!

Q: You’ve written American Old West, Regency & Medieval romance in the historical romance genre. Would you ever try writing in the Victorian Era? 

A: My policy is never say never! The Victorian Era spans such a lengthy period of time (during Queen Victoria’s reign between 1837-1901), so I would definitely need to pour effort into researching that grand span. If I hit upon the right characters and storylines, then I’ll give Victorian times a whirl.

Q: How long does it typically take you to write a book?

A: It varies. I started one book and got stuck, put it aside, and went back to it two years later—and finished it within ten days. 

For the most part, I am a quick writer. I always starat by creating my characters and doing my research. I come up with 5-6 basic plot points to hit—then I’m off to the races. With that advance legwork and vision of where I’m going, I can usually get a book written in 4-6 weeks. Most of my romances are 70-80,000 words in length.

Q: Do you have any new releases & upcoming works in progress? If so are they part of your current series, the beginning of a new series or a standalone novel?

A: I have two new series coming in 2024 that I’m excited to share with readers. 

The Strongs of Shadowcrest is my first Regency family series since my popular St. Clairs series. It tells the love stories of five Strong siblings; two of their Strong cousins; and their widowed mother. This historical romance series includes five novels, one novella, and a duet and will release between February-October.

My Lost Creek contemporary romance series is set in a small town deep in the heart of the Texas Hill country, where people come seeking new opportunities and a chance to reinvent themselves—and maybe even find love. Look for this series from May-September.

Q: If Hollywood were to get the rights to your work (if they haven’t yet) who would be your ideal cast to play your characters?

A: While I have actors I adore, from Emma Stone to George Clooney, I would love to see new faces who are unfamiliar to moviegoers play my characters. Remember how when Bridgerton came out on Netflix? Most of those actors were unknown to American audiences, and we fell in love with them, having no preconceived notions of them. Just as there are so many talented writers out there, the same is true for actors. It would be fantastic to give actors who haven’t yet been featured in film to step into my worlds and embody my people. But I wouldn’t say no to James Marsden, Theo James, or Chris Pine if they were asked to be one of my leading men!