Q&A With Alex Michaelides

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Q&A With Alex Michaelides


Tonight I am doing a Q&A with Alex Michaelides the Sunday Times and New York Times Bestselling author of the murder mystery novels “The Silent Patient,” and “The Maidens.”


Q: Out of both “The Maidens,” and “The Silent Patient,” which book did you enjoy writing more?


A: That’s an interesting question. They were both very different writing experiences, to be honest. The Silent Patient was my first novel, and I had no expectation it would ever be published. I wrote it purely for myself, and because I had always wanted to write a detective story. With my second novel, The Maidens, I thought more of an audience there. So I’ll be honest and admit that involved a little bit of pressure, which wasn’t that easy to manage, at least initially. I learned a massive amount through writing it though. And I must say that I have found writing my third novel by far the most pleasurable and the easiest experience of the three. So hopefully things get easier the more you practice them!




Q: If I remember correctly, both “The Maidens,” and “The Silent Patient,” are going to be limited series. Have they started casting and filming for both shows yet? Also do you know when do the TV versions of both of them premiere? Did you also write the scripts and become an executive producer of the show?



A: The Silent Patient is going to be a movie and is being produced by Plan B in Hollywood. I’m afraid I can’t really give much more information than that, but hopefully there will be some news soon. I’m very excited about it. The Maidens is being developed as a limited tv series. But it’s very early days, and my experience as a screenwriter previously has told me that these things take a very long time. I wasn’t involved in either of these projects as a screenwriter, as I think it’s more important for me to focus on my novel writing. It takes a lot of time to write a novel, and don’t really feel an interest in then spending several years developing that book as a script. I would much rather leave it to a new team of people to take it further, and then focus on writing my next book.



Q: What advice would you give to those wanting to become an author especially writing murder mysteries like you do?



A:  I think three key creative words are perseverance, plasticity and joy. I think you have to persevere – if you give up, you’ll never get there. You must keep going, even when you are in doubt about the chance of success. I nearly gave up writing The Silent Patient countless times. I’m so glad I didn’t. Plasticity – because when I was younger I was rigid and would cling to bad ideas and not listen to criticism. Every failed writer I know is someone who won’t take criticism and heed it. Finally joy – you have to be like a kid and have fun. That’s the only way I know to be creative.


Q: What were your favorite novels you read this year?



A: I’ve not been reading much this year because I have been writing, but some of my favourite books were Upgrade by Blake Crouch, and Sundial by Catriona Ward.  




Q: I know awhile back you posted that you were writing book 3 now. Can you spoil what book 3 is about and the title and when we should expect it to come out? Also does Hollywood have the rights to that one too?


A: I’m finishing my next book now – it’s been a joy to write. I can’t reveal much about it just yet, as it has to be edited and won’t be out for a while – but it’s my favourite thing I’ve written. So watch this space!