Q&A With A.M. Adair

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Q&A With A.M. Adair

I have the honor of doing my latest Q&A with author A.M. Adair. A.M. Adair is the author of the Elle Anderson series, the first book with Shadow Game, The Deeper Shadow, & Shadow War. Before becoming an author, she served as a Chief Warrant Officer of The United States Navy with over 21 years in the Intelligence Community specializing in counterintelligence and human intelligence. 

Q: So A.M. would you like to tell the readers of the blog and I a bit about your Elle Anderson series?

A: I sure would, Bianca, and I appreciate the opportunity to answer your questions!

In the shadowy world of the CIA, there are those who don’t exist. Whose elite skills are called on when all else fails. When the solution to a problem calls for someone who may be more villain than hero. For Elle Anderson and her team, it started as business as usual. An impossible task. Another target list. But when interference from higher forces her hand, it sets off a chain of events that ends in disaster. Battling her foes and the demons within, Elle must be smarter, faster, and more lethal to survive long enough to destroy her enemies.

Q: Your bio said that your experiences in counterintelligence are what created your Elle Anderson series. Is the character of Elle Anderson based loosely based off of you?

A: There are little pieces of me in each of my main characters. And some of my experiences shaped the world they live in. But I’m no more Elle Anderson than Lee Child is Jack Reacher. However, like Lee with Reacher, Elle can say and do things I never could. Elle is a mixture of my real-world experiences and an overactive imagination. 

Q: What was it like dealing with counterintelligence & human intelligence and being in numerous countries around the world?

A: We often joke in our community that it’s 75% preparation and 25% action, but that 25% tends to be intense, and you better be ready for it. Working in intelligence tends to be a thankless job, so those who succeed are those who love it. They put their blood, sweat, and tears into the work even though there’s often nothing tangible to show for it. Think about it, you prevent an attack from occurring, but because nothing happened, how can you prove what you did was substantive? It can be frustrating, but at the end of the day, the job is about saving lives. Traveling the world, seeing what life is like away from the tourist hot spots, and experiencing warzones, gives you a unique perspective on what it means to be an American and to serve. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Q: When did you realize that being an author was what you wanted to do? 

A: The first time I considered the possibility of being an author was after I published my debut, Shadow Game. But even then, I thought of being an author as a hobby. I loved it and wanted to keep doing it, but it was an addendum to my real job. After I retired, that changed. Earlier this year, when my husband and I filed our taxes, they asked me what my job was…and I said, author. It was the first time I’d ever claimed the title without it being an add-on. And it felt great!

Q: Are you currently writing book 4 of The Elle Anderson series? 

A: It’s going through its final touches now. Book 4 of the Elle Anderson series – A NEW GAME – will be released on 17 October 2023.

Q: Would you ever write a biography about your time as a Chief Warrant Officer serving in Counter Intelligence & Human Intelligence? 

A: I’ve considered capturing some of my experiences, but it would be futile, given how much of my career is classified. Thinking back over the past couple of decades, though, I would probably call any biography about my life something along the lines of STRANGER THAN FICTION since so much of it seems like scenes from a movie versus real life. Plenty of action, comedy, and drama.

Q: Is Hollywood looking to turn your series into a movie or television series? The entertainment industry needs more original content again.

A: I’m fortunate since my literary manager is also a Hollywood producer. So, pitching the series for film and/or TV has always been in the cards, and there has been some interest. But Hollywood tends to be very fickle when it comes to content. It’s all about timing. And, of course, the timing couldn’t be worse now. We’ll see where things stand once the WGA and SAF-AFTRA strikes have concluded. Since I’m also pursuing my screenwriting degree with the Los Angeles Film School—I could always adapt the series myself in the future.

Q: Where can my readers learn more about you and your writing?

A: Thank you so much, Bianca. My website is and has the links to my various social media accounts and my latest updates.