Q&A With Diane Haeger

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Q&A With Diane Haeger 

Today I’m doing a Q&A with Diane Haeger. Diane is the author of many historical fiction novels especially her The Court of Henry VIII series. 


Q: So, Diane which royal or royals did you have the most fun writing about? Which books were more challenging to write? 

A:  I loved writing about Mary Tudor, the younger sister of Henry VIII, in my novel, The Secret Bride, which I’m proud to say was just released on She was the one woman who was able to stand up to the king and keep her head. Her secret love affair with Henry’s best friend was fun to re-tell.

The entire series was challenging to write because, as an historical novelist, I work very hard to get the details right, whether it’s clothing, hairstyles, current politics, or food. My goal is for my readers to feel that they have stepped back in time and are there. I hope I have achieved that.


Q: What is your advice to anyone wanting to write historical fiction? 

A: Do your homework! Find out as much about your characters, and your time period, as you can ‘before’ you begin writing. It will add a level of realism and believability to your story that you won’t have without it. Also, read voraciously every novel similar to your story, especially those books that have been successful.


Q: Are you writing another novel right now? If so, can you spill about which royal or any woman from history you’re writing about now? 

A: I just finished one and it is in negotiations for publication right now! I’m super excited about this true story from history, so if anyone follows me on Facebook or Instagram, or would like to, I should have an announcement very soon! 

Q: What were your favorite novels you read this year so far?


A: So many good ones! “The Queen’s Fortune” by Allison Pataki, “The Next Ship Home” by Heather Webb, “The Women of Chateau Lafayette” by Stephanie Dray, are just a few. 


Q: Does Hollywood have the rights to any of your novels? I saw your novel about Mary Tudor Henry VIII’s sister. I would really like to see a series Henry VIII’s sisters since we’ve seen so many shows about his wives and daughters. 


A: Alas, no. But I too would love to see a series like that. Both of his sisters led fascinating lives! It is nice to see more historical novels being brought to life on the screen. 7 of my novels were just bought by and the actors they hire to read them are so wonderful, with voices and accents, it feels like listening to a movie!