Prince of Song and Sea

Prince of Song and Sea

Prince of Song and Sea is the beginning of a new Disney series by Linsey Miller about Disney movies but from the Prince’s perspective instead of the Princesses. As you can guess Prince of Song and Sea is the book about the events of The Little Mermaid by Prince Eric’s point of view. While Prince Eric was still in his mother’s womb, a sea witch cursed Prince Eric because his mother refused to let an innocent child die in her clutches. Prince Eric must kiss his true love that has a pure voice, or kill the sea witch that enacted the curse in the first place. If Prince Eric kisses the woman who isn’t his true love he will die. One night during a sea storm he’s rescued by a beautiful woman with red hair singing the most beautiful tune before she vanishes. Like every Disney novel though, unfortunately it can be a hit or miss and Prince of Song and Sea was a miss.



The premise was good and there were good ideas in the novel such as the blood tide and ghost ship. I also like we did see Eric’s point of view. The cover is gorgeous even if Eric’s image doesn’t look exactly like the image from the cartoon the cover art is beautiful. The title is also very catchy so it will hook someone in especially someone who loves fairytales, rewritten fairytales and Disney.



Unfortunately the pros end there. There were a lot of problems. It took a long time for things to get exciting. The side characters were not very interesting.  Also Grimbsy the butler was made to be an idiot, he’s in a rush for Eric to get married for the kingdom despite KNOWING about Eric’s curse. Eric was made to be bland and too serious for my liking which was a contrast from the movie. Whoever was the editor of this book should have been fired. There were errors where one word was meant to be another word.




Overall this reminded me why I stopped buying Disney books. I donated Prince of Song and Sea to the library as I’m sure someone might like it or if they don’t, at least they won’t waste their money on it like I did. As I said there were good ideas in this book but it fell flat. I will still give the other books in this series a chance as I did The Twisted Tale Series & The Villains series, I just have to remember to put the books on hold at the library. I do want to read the novel Prince of Thorns & Nightmares about Prince Phillip since I love Sleeping Beauty.