Possible Season 2 for Sanditon

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Possible season 2 for Sanditon

I know the rumor mill has been confusing about the show Sanditon based on Jane Austen’s unfinished novel of the same name. Has it been cancelled? Is it coming back? In England the channel ITV cancelled Sanditon because the ratings were low. In the United States the show aired on PBS and the American audience was bigger than the audience in Britain. I was in one Sanditon group for a short time and then left because some of the people were ridiculous but we were all trying to save Sanditon. It seems like someone is listening.


A tweet from Amazon Prime Video UK seems to hint that there could be still a chance for season 2. The tweet reads,

Amazon Prime Video UK


 #SaveSanditon Squad, we hear you and we’re doing what we can. Please could you retweet this to let us know how many of you there are so we can make a case for a new season? P.S. Don’t use multiple accounts or we’ll get in trouble

 If you’re a fan of Sanditon and want to see this continue, keep doing what you’re doing however don’t make multiple accounts doing the save sandition hashtag. When you think the internet can’t tell you have multiple accounts, you’d be surprised. I want to see Sanditon continue. I personally want Charlotte to get with Young Stringer since I feel there is more chemistry with those two than with Charlotte and Sidney but we’ve all got our tastes. I also want to see Esther and Lord Babbington’s relationship develop and Charlotte Lamb’s story. Sanditon had so many interesting characters. Its a shame that after 11 or 13 chapters, that Jane Austen didn’t finish it before she died. I hope Amazon does a great job with continuing the series if they in fact do. I will give an update when it is confirmed for sure.

Update: Sanditon Confirmed to Return!

Earlier this morning I saw on the Google app the different stories that would pop up. One of those stories was about Sanditon being renewed. To make sure this wasn’t a fake story I looked it up and multiple sources say Sanditon based on the unfinished Jane Austen novel of the same name, has been renewed on Masterpiece PBS. PBS struggled to find a British partner to help finance the series. According to BritBox UK has stepped into that role. What’s more exciting is Sanditon is confirmed to be renewed for not just season 2 but season 3 as well.

 So far its only confirmed Rose Williams is confirmed to be returning to the show. Leo Sutter who plays Young Stringer is interested in coming back so he will most likely return as well. As for Theo James who is famous for the Divergent series and played Sidney in Sanditon, I highly doubt he will return. I explained in an old newsletter that Theo is starring in an HBO series The Time Travelers Wife based on the popular novel by Audrey Niffenegger. My guess is they will either recast Sidney or write him out of the story by either saying he moved far away with his wife or killing him off. I will update you all when I have more news.