Possible Dragon Springs Road film?

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Possible Dragon Springs Road film?

I’m currently reading the book Dragon Springs Road by Janie Chang before getting her new release Library of Legends comes out in the United States on May 12th. On either Janie’s Facebook account or her Instagram I saw that Dragon Springs Road was $1.99 for a certain amount of time. I wasn’t going to waste this opportunity in buying it. On instagram I asked the author Janie Chang if she was working on anything new and if Hollywood has been interested in doing film adaptions of her books.

Although Jamie doesn’t seem too optimistic at this point, she did say that she has someone in Hollywood pitching Dragon Springs Road. I would like to see this as a movie. So far the characters are interesting and Janie’s writing is so descriptive that I feel like I am in China during the early 20th century. I enjoy books that can take me to different places whether it’s in the current time period or the past.

I will update everyone once more news comes out about whether a movie will happen or not. Until then, happy reading and stay safe during the virus everyone. Read to learn, read to get away from the depressing real world it’s the only way any of us are leaving our house is to read.