Play For Me

Play For Me

Sophie Doyle had the perfect job as the Red Sox athletic trainer, easy access to the finest cannoli in Boston and a boyfriend who seems perfect on paper. Sophie loses all three and the World Series, she is forced to take a job for an open trainer position at the performing arts school in New Hampshire. There Sophie is rooming with three guys one of them who is a brooding, cranky British orchestra teacher Jonas Voss. The book Play For Me is a classic opposites attract rom com story. Chelsea Pascoe was kind enough to mail me an early copy. Play For Me comes out on June 20th.



I like Sophie as a character and I like her dad and her best friend. I like the concept of someone from the sports world falling in love with someone from the music world. I also love the setting of New Hampshire. New Hampshire and the other New England States are places I would love to see one day.




I felt the story moved slowly. Jonas wasn’t my favorite male character. I also didn’t feel the chemistry between Sophie and Jonas. It just felt bland for whatever reason. It was disappointing because I was expecting to go into this book loving it but I took more breaks reading it rather than speeding through.




Overall the story was meh for me. Then again this is my first time reading anything by Libby Hubscher. I plan on checking more of her books out in the future. Thank you Chelsea Pascoe for the early copy. If you love romantic comedies, check out Play For Me, which will be released on June 20th