Picture In The Sand

Picture In The Sand

Alex Hassan is accepted in an Ivy League university, and his middle class Egyptian American family couldn’t be prouder of him. That joy would turn to shock as Alex informs his family he’s joining a holy war instead. After Alex refuses to communicate with anyone, his wise loving grandfather Ali emails Alex one final plea. The plea is if Alex stays in touch, Ali will share with Alex and only Alex his manuscript telling his life story that he’s kept hidden from his family for so many years till now. Ali’s story is a tale of post-revolutionary Egypt in the 1950s and Ali was a young movie fanatic who was able to land a dream job working for the famous Cecil B. DeMille on the set of the classic film The Ten Commandments. Unfortunately for Ali, he gets entangled in politics, espionage and real-life events that change history. Can Ali convince his grandson to not make the same mistakes he made long ago?


Writing, History, Setting, & Characters

Picture In The Sand was the very first time I read anything by Peter Blauner & I’m glad I did! The writing is so descriptive it takes you to the Egypt of the 1950s and I felt as though I were there. Then again, I do enjoy books that can take you to another place and another time. I also love seeing the real people of Charlton Heston & Cecille B DeMille. I had no idea Cecille B DeMille filmed The Ten Commandments in Egypt. My grandparents, aunt & I make it a tradition to watch the movie every Saturday before Easter. My favorite character was obviously Ali Hassan. Ali Hassan is someone who you route for and you see him mature as a man throughout the novel and he’s a patient grandfather who never gives up on Alex.  I love all the history in it. I was riveted and I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next!



If you’re into historical fiction I recommend Picture In The Sand by Peter Blauner. Thank you so much Peter Blauner for writing such an amazing book! I look forward to doing our Behind The Book Q&A.