Phantom of the Opera 6 Part mini-series

Phantom of the Opera 6 Part mini series

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Phantom of the Opera 6 part mini series

I almost wrote this newsletter this morning but the day became busy. Now that it is the evening I am informing you of more book related news. “Phantom of the Opera,” by Gaston Leroux (not the Disney villain)  is getting a six part mini-series. According to Deadline The project is being led out of Gaumont’s UK unit, which is working with writer Anthony Horowitz to reimagine Leroux’s gothic story about a disfigured composer, who lives in the depths of the Paris Opera House and falls for singer Christine Daae with tragic consequences.

Some people might ask me, “Haven’t they made a Phantom of the Opera movie already?” I will respond with yes they have. There was a 1925 silent film version of Phantom of the Opera. In 2004 there was a Phantom of the Opera movie starring Gerard Butler as the Phantom and Emmy Rossum as Christine Daae and Patrick Wilson as Raoul, though the 2004 movie was based on Andrew Lloyd Webbers musical. I’m not sure how close the musical and the book are. I definitely want to read the book because I’m a book lover of course and I want to expand my reading horizons.

 Knowing that this is a joint project between England and France doing this miniseries has me excited because they are more likely to follow books very well, rather than Hollywood butchering the story. It was also confirmed in the Deadline article that it would stay closer to Gaston Leroux’s 1910 novel. I’m sure PBS will get the rights to air it over here in the United States after it airs in England first. I will update you all once I know more. I hope this has Phantom of the Opera fans excited, I know I’m already excited!