Percy Jackson t.v. series coming to Disney Plus

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Percy Jackson t.v. series coming to Disney Plus

I know this news has been out for a little bit now, but for any parents who have kids who read Rick Riordan’s novels especially The Percy Jackson novels, Disney Plus will be doing a t.v. series adaption. I know Hollywood already did “The Lightening Thief” and “Sea of Monsters” at the big screen. Sadly they both didn’t do well and both fans and Rick Riordan understandably didn’t like how Hollywood tried to do a cash grab for the books. I honestly couldn’t get into the Lightening Thief, but then again in highschool and now in my later twenties I was already too old for them.

For middle grade readers and anyone in their early teens, this series would appeal to the and get them interested in Greek mythology if they aren’t already. Percy is a demi god his father being Poseidon. Percy’s friend Annabelle is the daughter of Athena the goddess of wisdom and war Grover is a satyr. The three of them go on adventures to stop evil from destroying or taking over the world.

I hope the second time around, Hollywood can get this right. Disney normally does well with their stuff though they’ve also had their fair share of flops too. If the books are followed correctly, I believe this could be a great show and the fans will eat this up. Sometimes it takes more than one try to do a book adaption right.