Patti Callahan Henry's new novel!

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Patti Callahan Henry’s new novel!

Fellow fans of Patti Callahan Henry, I have good news to share. Patti has posted on her instagram that news about a new book she is writing. The title is “The River Child.” The premise has me excited especially after I read and fell in love with her previous book “Once Upon a Wardrobe.” “The River Child,” takes place during World War II England, two sisters are among many children who have to evacuate London to the English countryside to live with strangers as part of Operation Pied Piper. The younger sister goes missing and is presumed dead by drowning in the river. Twenty years later however, while the older sister who survived is working in a London bookshop receives a children’s book based on a secret fairytale only the two sisters know about. It sounds like a magical historical mystery novel.

 “The River Child,” comes out in the summer of 2023. It might be early to be excited about 2023 just yet since we did just get into the year of 2022, but the story itself sounds wonderful. What makes this more exciting is there is a two book deal for publication. So there will be a sequel to “The River Child.” What do you all think? Are you already excited about this novel coming out in 2023 despite how early in 2022 we are? I know I am.