Paris is Always a Good Idea

Paris is Always a Good Idea

I read this book months ago back in February. It was my first time reading from author Jen McKinlay. “Paris is Always a Good Idea,” has comedy, romance and travel. The book is about Chelsea Martin, her father is getting remarried and only knew his fiancé after two weeks. Understandably she has her doubts, though Chelsea also wants to be the fun loving girl she was when she traveled to Ireland, France and Italy when she was in her early twenties before becoming the cynic when her mother passed away of cancer. Chelsea also wants to discover if she has sparks with any of the men in Europe she fell in love with. Chelsea’s annoying coworker Jason Priestly eventually meets up with her and we know where this is going.


Pros & Cons

I love all the places Chelsea travels too. I can picture myself being in Ireland, France and Italy. One of my favorite scenes is when Chelsea and Jason are dancing on top of The Eifel Tower to Vie en Rose. (I think that was the famous French song). The book was a bit predictable because you knew who Chelsea was going to end up with. However I enjoyed it. To me it’s a blend of almost every romantic comedy movie that’s been coming out since the 90s and 2000s and I still enjoyed it. I can’t wait to read the sequel about Chelsea’s sister.




Even if it’s a bit cliché is it fun to read? Heck yes! If you love travel, romance and comedy feel free to check this one out.