Paris Bookseller movie adaptation

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Paris Bookseller movie adaptation

Yesterday as I was scrolling through Instagram I saw something that excited me. Keri Maher whom I did a Q&A with earlier this winter which you can click on the link here and read it announced that her novel The Paris Bookseller has been optioned by Hollywood.

The post said this: Keri Maher’s The Paris Bookseller, based on the life of Sylvia Beach, founder of the bookstore Shakespeare & Co in Paris, who risked her reputation and fortune to publish and distribute James Joyce’s controversial literary masterpiece Ulysses, to Zel Anders at Amendment 28 films, by Lucy Stille at Lucy Stille Literary, on behalf of Kevan Lyon at Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.

 I wonder if someone in Hollywood saw the Q&A Keri and I did with her. As always I wonder if Hollywood has the rights or interests in anyone’s novels. In the Q&A Hollywood previously didn’t have the rights to Kerri’s books, now Hollywood has the rights to The Paris Bookseller.  I’m very excited about reading The Paris Bookseller & I can’t wait to see how the potential movie will do.