Operation Tropical Storm

Operation Tropical Storm

The year is 1993, Jewish Japanese Special Agent Jim Stern is undercover to bust a meth operation in Benihana Hawaii. The question is, is Jim going to be able to gain the trust of a yakuza member without blowing his cover? This book is basically a short story except its not fiction it is a nonfiction book on kindle by none other than Jake Adelstein!


Story & Writing

Operation Tropical Storm is the first book to start off my birthday month of April and it is a great start! The writing was great! I am glad it’s another true story about yakuza and this time the FBI are involved. I like Jim Stern and the story of his being undercover to bust the yakuza bringing meth into Hawaii. While this is a short story and not a novel, I can picture all of the events happening in my head as I read it. This would make a great television series & if Jake is in control of the writing & directing of the series, it would be excellent! A book worm can only dream right? I have nothing about it to criticize. I only wish it were longer. Then again, books I enjoy, I always wish they were longer.



Overall if you enjoy reading the books Tokyo Vice & The Last Yakuza, (and anything to do with true crime & different cultures) Operation Tropical Storm is definitely worth it!