One Last Word

One Last Word

Sara Chae is the creator of the app One Last Word. In this app you send a message to anyone you want after you pass on to the next world. Safeguards are in place so the app will only send your messages when you are 100% without a question dead. When another Sara Chae dies and her obituary is posted online, Sara discovers messages she drunkenly uploaded one night go out to her parents, her former best friend who ghosted her & her unrequited love from Highschool Harry Shim. Still processing this disaster, Sara is accepted into a venture capital mentorship program which will help her app & her mentor is none other than Harry.


Writing, Characters & Growth

One Last Word is my first time reading anything by Suzanne Park & I enjoyed it! The writing is excellent, and I like that the story is being told in first person by Sara. I also think the idea of an app sending messages to people after we die is both creative and terrifying. Out of all the characters, Sara does the most growth from standing up to herself and realizing what she wants out of life & love, to becoming more confident about her app & never giving up her dream, to realizing that she was also at fault for why her friendship with Naomi fizzled out. Theres so much to praise about this book but I don’t want to spoil the book. I have nothing to criticize about this book, it’s just sad that it’s too short lol!



Overall if you are a fan of Suzanne Park or if this is your first time reading anything by her, grab a copy of One Last Word coming out on April 16th