One Dangerous Night

One Dangerous Night

Elise Lanscarr couldn’t take it anymore. Living under the roof of her sister Dara and her husband, the man Elise was in love with. Elise flees London and is on her way to the family home in Ireland. Fate has a different plan in store as on a stormy night, the stagecoach crashes and Elise meets a handsome rough looking stranger Christopher Fitzhugh-Cox The Duke Of Winderton. Christopher has had love troubles himself. Though as the pair travel through the forest trying to find their way out, they find everything works out for a reason, especially when it comes to love.


Writing, Story & Characters

The story of course hooks me in writing is descriptive. As I read Cathy’s descriptive writing, I see everything as though it’s a movie or Masterpiece TV series.  I like both the characters Elise & Christopher. Both grow throughout the story which I like. It’s what makes a great couple when both people in the relationship encourage the other one to want to strive to be better. We can’t change a person, but we can encourage someone so that they will want to be better. I also love the dog Tamsyn!



Overall if you are a fan of historical romance, I recommend One Dangerous Night! I also recently did Behind The Book with Cathy herself as we discussed the novel in more detail!