One Christmas Morning

One Christmas Morning

To forget a tragedy that happened three Christmas’s past, Eva has buried herself in work focusing on opening her shop. The last thing on Eva’s mind is going to her friend Hallie’s Christmas party. At Eva’s husband’s insistence she goes. Eva stays until she can no longer take it and tries to sneak out at midnight. It’s at this time Eva is visited by the ghost of her grandmother warning Eva that if she doesn’t face the ghosts of her past and stops alienating her family and friends that she risks losing them forever. The story gets crazier from here when each morning Eva is stuck in a time loop living in the body of her assistant & Hallie’s sister. Will Eva get into the Christmas spirit and learn to let go of the past? Or is it too late?


Story, Writing & Setting

I give the idea credit for being original. Its basically A Christmas Carol meets Groundhog Day sprinkled in with Quantum Leap. I do like the fact that the writing is from Eva’s point of view in the first person. I do agree with the other reviewers who read it that this book is more serious in tone and not a lighthearted story. It does get happier toward the end at least. I also love that the setting is in Cornwall England. I love books where the setting is in another part of the world, and I can picture everything. It makes my dream & love of traveling grow.



Overall, I give the story credit for its originality. If you can handle the book being a bit more serious and a tad on the downside, at least you’ll enjoy the Christmas part of it. I wouldn’t call this a Christmas classic, but it has its readers.