Oceans of Sand

Oceans of Sand

Despite the only woman being without a sand gift, Norah is sent on a quest with her best friend Zadock to look for the second moonstone which could end the famine plaguing their land. While alone their secret  feelings for each other rise to the surface and if they act on their love, Zadock could lose his sand gift. The two of them face villains and an unforgiving desert, giant scorpions and sandstorms and warring nations and they both realize that love is the greatest power of all not weakness. Oceans of Sand, is out now. If you enjoy fantasy it’s definitely worth picking up.


Pros & Cons

I love the world building and the different sand gifts. It’s different than a lot of fantasy young adult or adult that’s out these days. My favorite character of course was Norah. She’d do anything for those she loves. I also enjoy the fact that the theme is that love is strength not weakness. The epilogue left for a sequel.  I would have preferred that it stayed with just Norah and Zadock’s point of view. The third point of view from The Favored One, I felt was basically a bad guy who didn’t want to be a bad guy and couldn’t take control.




Overall I liked it. If you’re in the mood for a fantasy check out Oceans of Sand which is available now.