November 9

November 9

Last Tuesday after I finished reading It Starts With Us, I began another one of Colleen Hoover’s novels November 9. I finished reading November 9 at around midnight last night. When a book keeps you up late, most likely it’s a good one. Fallon an aspiring actress meets Ben an aspiring novelist the day she’s going to make a fresh start by moving from Los Angeles to New York. The two have an attraction for each other that inspire Ben to write the ultimate love story about how the two of them meet every November 9th. Over the years Fallon and Ben meet on the same day every year despite leading separate lives though one day Fallon finds something that makes her question if Ben has been telling her the whole truth or creating something for the ultimate plot twist. Colleen Hoover has become one of my new go to author and I like that all her books are unique.



Fallon and Ben is a good match. They’ve been through rough patches in their lives and I like that they make each other better. Before Ben came into Fallon’s life, Fallon was a shy girl who stayed in her shell, but Ben makes her see that her scars from the fire two years prior, are not something to be ashamed of and the only thing holding her back in life is her. Fallon wants what’s best for Ben and at one point leaves him so he can finish his novel because she doesn’t want him to give it up. Fallon also makes Ben understand that no amount of guilt he has can change the future and its okay to forgive yourself.



I didn’t like the whole Ben getting with Jordyn, his dead brothers wife I know it was part rebound and part wanting to be there for his nephew. At the same time I understand because Fallon was the one who decided not to get serious with the relationship early despite her good intentions. So Fallon is partially at fault for that.



Overall I enjoyed the novel. I’ve become a huge fan of Colleen Hoover. It seems she’s an author many would either love or hate, but she’s become one of my favorites. I can’t wait to read more from her.