North Of Nowhere

North Of Nowhere

The day Kristen and Ryan McIntyre have been dreading has arrived. Their father Boyd McIntyre the second in command to a Los Angeles Crime family has found them after five years in hiding in Montana with their family friend Tony. The three attempt escape and someone attempts to stop them after taking off in a plane. Tony attempts to crash land in the Montana wilderness. Kristen and Ryan attempt to make it and survive. Not only is their father after them, their Aunt Ruby drops everything to save them from their father and grandmother and the man who Tony worked for is also on their trail and an enemy of the family. Is the winter storm more dangerous than some of the people hunting them?



This is my first time reading anything by Allison Brennan after doing a Q&A with her last year and I’m very happy that I did. North Of Nowhere was action packed and how the story starts off is not slow at all. I could picture the Montana wilderness and the snow storm that occurs. The characters are well written. One of my favorite characters is Tony and I also like Aunt Ruby and Kristen and Ryan. It was also interesting that the head of the crime family is a woman.



There really wasn’t anything I disliked. I just wish it didn’t have to end. When a book is well written I wish it didn’t have to end.




Overall I’m very impressed. I know North of Nowhere is a standalone book but I also think it could work as a beginning of a series. I also can’t wait to read the rest of Allison’s work. Thank you so much Allison Brennan and to her publisher for the early copy. If you don’t have an early physical or netgalley copy, preorder North Of Nowhere coming next month on August 8th