No Two Persons


No Two Persons

Today I finished one of the best books of 2023 titled “No Two Persons,” by Erica Bauermeister who I recently did a Q&A with. “No Two Persons,” is about the power of books and how their stories change and impact each of us in different ways. Alice always wanted to be a writer and her stories remain detached but then a tragedy happens that has her open up again and she writes her debut novel. Alice’s novel helps multiple people some of which are a teenager hiding the fact that she’s homeless, an artist angry at the world, a bookseller searching for love, a grieving widower and a diver pushing himself to the brink.



I love all the characters and their back stories and how each of them was changed by one novel in different ways. My favorite character though, had to be Alice the author. I liked her story the best and the literature professor who helped her. Erica Bauermeister has a way with words and turning it into a magical story. I loved “No Two Persons,” so much I bought myself a Christmas present by buying her previous novel “The Scent Keeper”. Books about books and their power have to be some of my favorite books in the world.




There wasn’t anything I disliked. I only wish the story didn’t end. To paraphrase Jane Austen, When I really enjoy a book it seems as though it’s too short.





Overall I sped through this book in a few days. I was so happy Netgally allowed me to read the book early. If you are not a blogger and get an early copy, or if you don’t have the Netgalley app to request it, pre-order “No Two Persons,” now which comes out May 2nd 2023. Thank you Erica for this gem of a novel!