Newsletter about film adaption of the book The Nightingale

Newsletter Casting for The Nightingale movie


Hi everyone this is your book blogger Bianca giving you new information about upcoming book related news whether they are writing new books and when they’ll be published to whether a movie or tv adaption of a book is coming out. I’m friends with a few authors on Facebook and follow some on instagram which makes it easier to get the scoop on everything books. Otherwise I just dig and investigate on my own if I can’t get the news from the author themselves. I will apologize for being a week or two late in providing this information but it concerns the film adaption of the book The Nightingale written by Kristin Hannah.


We’ve known that the film adaption version of The Nightingale has been happening for quite some time. Recently they announced who would be cast as the main leads sisters Viviane and Isabelle. Dakota Fanning and her younger sister Elle Fanning, famous for being Sleeping Beauty in the live action Maleficent film will play the sisters. Do a google search and numerous articles as well as the authors Facebook page (and possibly her account) will talk about it. In my personal view both sisters are good actresses but I don’t think they are right for the roles of Viviane and Isabelle considering that Viviane was already a mother and much older probably in her 30s by the time World War II  started and Isabelle was in her 20s. Its also kind of cliché and lazy in my opinion to cast two sisters to literally play two sisters they also still look like girls instead of women in my opinion.


I’ll still watch it when its available to view and then I will do a book vs screen adaption review and let you guys know which is better and how/if Hollywood will screw things up. Which knowing Hollywoods bad record of not following the book very well theres a 90% chance. I recommend reading the book before seeing the film you’re in for a good story.