News for Twilight Fans

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 News for Twilight Fans

I hope everyone is holding up during the corona virus reading good books while stuck in quarantine. I have good news for fans of the Twilight series. Stephanie Meyer is releasing a new twilight book called Midnight Sun. Midnight Sun is basically the story of Twilight but from Edward’s point of view. Stephanie Meyer had two chapters written back in the late 2000s but unfortunately the first two chapters were leaked on her website and she left it alone for a while. Now its been confirmed by multiple sources including Meyer herself that she will release Midnight Sun this year.


Midnight Sun will be released on Tuesday August 4th. I read the first 3 twilight books just to see what all the hub bub was about, but personally neither the books nor the movies were my thing. However I’m not going to rant about why I didn’t enjoy them or why I feel there’s better literature out there since everyone has different tastes. Although I’m not a fan, I can see why fans would be excited about a new book coming out, and reading the story from another characters point of view.



For the book worms out there who love Twilight though, I hope Midnight Sun will give you the same great experience you all had while reading the first 4 books. I also hope this bit of news cheered you up because during this awful virus, it’s easy to feel down in the dumps. Happy reading everyone and stay safe!