Mountains Made Of Glass

Mountains Made Of Glass

Friday on the Netgalley app I began reading Mountains Made of Glass by Scarlett St. Clair, and finished it today. The novel is a mash up of various fairytales created to become a story all of its own. Gisela’s town of Elk has always been cursed and each time the residents break a curse there’s another curse and death that occurs. When Gisela thinks she broke a curse by accidently killing a toad, the toad turns out to be a cursed elven prince and the elven prince’s brothers banish her to their seventh brother who is under a curse of his own, they call him the beast. Gisela must guess his name in seven days and only then will she be free. If Gisela speaks the name with love, it’ll free the beast too. Mountains Made of Glass was my first time reading from Scarlet St. Clair and I’m glad I did, it was a fairytale mash up that was made into a story of its own.



I love the nods to other fairytales many of them I recognized and many of them I didn’t know about and until reading the Authors Note. Some of the most obvious nods are to Beauty and the Beast, The Frog Prince, the Magic Mirror from Snow White. The guessing the prince’s true name was an obvious nod to Rumplestiltskin. Some of my favorite characters besides the main characters were The Mirror & Wolf the Raven.  I’m so glad Scarlett is writing more sequels to this novel.



I felt as though the overuse of the F word was unnecessary and there was constant smut everywhere. I don’t mind sex scenes, but less is more. I also felt the end was wrapped up almost too quickly.




Despite the overuse of the F word and so many sex scenes, I definitely want to read more from Scarlett St. Clair in the future. I hear her Hades and Persephone series are great and I love mythology as much as I love fairytales, folklore and legends. If you can handle the sex scenes, and you enjoy books with magic, I recommend this.