Maybe Once Maybe Twice

Maybe Once Maybe Twice

There’s a saying that’s a cliché in a ton of romances whether they are rom-coms or regular romance novels and movies where someone will say, “if we’re not married by 35 we should get married.” That cliché happened in the book I recently finished reading Maybe Once Maybe Twice by Alison Rose Greenberg. Maggie Vine’s life isn’t going the way she planned as her dreams of becoming a mother and a singer isn’t panning out. On Maggie’s 35th birthday the wager she made with two men about being married at 35 suddenly starts to collect and they both show up in Maggie’s life. Garrett Scholl who’s a hedge fund manager by day and aspiring rock star by night kisses Maggie and then tells her he’s engaged to someone else. Asher Reyes her first boyfriend from summer camp has become a heartthrob and instant celebrity as an actor reconnects with Maggie. An opportunity of a lifetime opens up and it seems her life will change but will her past come to bite her in the butt?


Story, Writing & Characters

The writing is easy to read and understand and it’s from the point of view of one character Maggie. While I like stories written in the first person Maggie seemed as if she never really matured whether she was seventeen, twenty four, thirty or thirty five. Garret is an F-Boy and if he were real he’d make a great contestant on the reality show F-Boy Island I mean there’s a scene where they sleep together at his engagement party no less. Anyone whose reading this review if you don’t know this by now you will learn it here. If they cheat with you, they will cheat on you. Asher was the only likeable character in my opinion even if he was a little bland. The idea for the story is good but we’ve seen cookie cutter tropes like this before a love triangle and a woman who has a hard time choosing the right guy. There are sensitive topics briefly mentioned such as an attempted sexual assault and another character mentioning someone he knew committing suicide.




Maybe Once, Maybe Twice is something to pick up if you’re in the mood for a quick romantic read but I wouldn’t expect anything unique from it.