Mac Dekker living under the name Robbie Steinhardt, is living a quiet life in Switzerland keeping to himself and enjoying a quite life. That quiet life is shattered when his son Will is killed, forcing Mac back into his former life as a CIA agent. What mission led Will to his untimely death? Why was Mac’s former friend, partner, rival in love & the one who betrayed him Ilya after Will? Mac with his lover Ava along with Jane McCall must stop Ilya and other spies from a terrorist attack. In a world of double agents who all have an agenda, who can Mac trust?


Story, Setting, Writing, Characters & Relevance

I normally don’t read many spy thriller’s but I did enjoy this one. I like the different settings in Europe, especially Switzerland. I also thought the writing was great and so were the characters. My favorite characters were Mac, & Ava. Mac is back in the game because he is motivated by love for his son. I also felt Ilya was written as a great villain. I also liked that the book called out Tiktok for being what it is, an app created by China’s Communist government to spy, & how it also called out Russia’s government since Marina wrote she did not spy for them because she didn’t like their government. There were some twists and turns along the way. It did drag here and there but there wasn’t much I disliked about it.



If you’re in the mood for a quick read that takes you on an adventure I recommend it. It’s the beginning of a series so I am curious about what will happen in book 2. Matterhorn will be released on April 1st