Lulu At The Louvre

Lulu At The Louvre

Lulu is different from most mice as she wants adventure outside of the Manor House she lives in with her family and the elderly woman Miss who owns it. When Miss Dies, one day Lulu’s curiosity about a painting gets the best of her and in the trunk she goes and wakes up in Pairs France at the Louvre museum! There Lulu makes new friends, helps solve the mystery of the painting and goes on the adventure she dreams of!


Writing & Story

The writing is descriptive and easy for young readers to understand! I love the story it’s so cute. It reminds me of any kid’s movies from the 90s to early 2000s where there’s a regular human world and then there’s a mouse world to go along with it. I love the cover and the art work it’s just so adorable! It’s the first book in the Lulu Mystery Series and if/when I become a mother or have nieces and nephews I would read this to all the children in my family. Lulu is a character children and adults will root for. I also liked that Melody explained the French words she used and what they meant. It teaches kids a little bit about a new language.




If you are looking for books for your young children to read I recommend this one, especially if your children love books where the main characters are animals. Thank you so much Melody Kelly for this great book! I can’t wait to do the Q&A with you and to read more about Lulu’s adventures in future books! Lulu At The Louvre will be available for purchase on November 14th, and is available for presale through all online book retailers and can be ordered through their local bookstores!