Lucy Foley's new mystery novel!

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Lucy Foley’s new Mystery novel

I hope everyone is having a good summer despite not being able to do much due to the corona virus. I’ve been making the best of my summer by reading, blogging and swimming. Speaking of books and blogging, I’m still reading “Next Year in Havana” and I also found out on Lucy Foley’s instagram that she is working on a new mystery novel. I found this out because I follow her from both my blogs instagram account (book_notions so you know to follow on instagram) and my personal account.

 On Lucy Foley’s Instagram account she wrote this:

Happy Bastille Day friends! I’m currently hard at work on the next murder mystery, which is set in a mysterious old apartment building in Paris, not unlike this one in which I started writing it…

 This news has me excited. I enjoyed, “The Hunting Party” and I have her second mystery novel, “The Guest List,” as well as other books on hold at the library. This time instead of the mystery taking place in the Scottish Highlands, or on a wedding day in Ireland it’ll take place in Paris.