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Lucy Foley News!

This morning I wrote a review about Lucy Foley’s second mystery novel, “The Guest List.” It was also this morning I found out that both her books, “The Hunting Party” and “The Guest List,” are being adapted for a movie and t.v. show.  Lucy also spills some tea about her third mystery novel that takes place in Paris. According to the source, Both The Hunting Party and The Guest List are being adapted for the screen, with a screenplay-and a lead actress in the works for The Hunting Party’s adaption. The Guest List adaptation is a long way down the road, they’re doing The Hunting Party first.


In the same interview Lucy Foley said that, They’ve got The Guest List as well, a kind of a second series. They’ve got the TV/film rights, so its not that they dfinitley won’t make a film-its just they’re focusing on TV. They’re talking about a Big Little Lies type format, each one would be about an hour; high production value and quite glossy. Each [season] would be six to ten episodes, I think.


What I love about British shows (as well as Australian and New Zealand shows) is they tend to be no more than 10 to 13 episodes if even whereas American shows can sometimes be 20 + shows with multiple breaks in between. Anyway back to news about Lucy Foley’s third novel. I did a newsletter months back about her third mystery novel taking place in Paris France. According to Lucy Foley, The story takes place in a beautiful apartment block in Paris-one of those ones where its around a courtyard, so you can see into other apartments. It’s a bit Rear Window in that sense. All of the suspects in the murder are people who live in the block. We’ve got the elderly lady with her little dog, some students, the hot guy who lives in the basement flat, this very glamorous couple who throw parties for all the neighbors. They’re all implicated in some way, and they’ve all got a big secret tying them together.