I stood up past midnight finishing the novel “Lore,” by Alexadra Bracken. As punishment for a past rebellion, nine Greek gods are forced to live a mortal life on earth and they are hunted by descendants of ancient bloodlines all of whom are eager to kill a god and seize their power. This blood thirsty tradition is called the Agon and it occurs every seven years. Lore short for Melora Perseus fled that violent world after her family was brutally murdered by a rival family. Lore is trying to live her life but finds herself sucked back in when Castor a childhood friend who she thought was dead comes back and Athena the last of the original Gods is gravely wounded. Athena and Lore become allies as a way to defeat their mutual enemy and to end the Agon forever. This is my first review in a while and it was worth reading this book.



The characters are all likeable and my favorites are Athena, Lore, Castor and Miles. I like how it sometimes goes back seven years to piece together what happened and Lores backstory. I also like how this novel can appeal to adults as well as young adults. The book is Percy Jackson meets the Hunger Games in my opinion only this book is way better than both book series. I also liked the twists that came, I was not expecting those.  I know the book is a standalone book but it would be interesting if we get a sequel or perhaps a prequel about the gods rebelling and why and the very first Agon that happened.



There wasn’t much I disliked really. I will say the only predictable thing in the book was the romances. You knew who would get with who in that sense. Other than that I enjoyed it.



I enjoyed the book a lot. I know it came out last year and I was unsure if it would be my thing or not since it is in the young adult category. This is one of the few times where young adult has its gems. If you’re a fan of action packed books and Greek and Roman mythology I recommend this novel.