Live Action The Last Unicorn in the works!

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Live Action The Last Unicorn is in the works!

Anymore in Hollywood there seems to be an endless sea of remakes, reboots, sequels, prequels and spin-offs. I’m more lenient when it does come to books however. Fans of Peter S. Beagle’s “The Last Unicorn,” is getting a stage musical as well as a live action remake. “The Last Unicorn was published in 1968 and tells the story of an immortal unicorn who discovers that she is the last of her kind. The unicorn goes on a quest to find out what happened to the rest of her species. The book had sold more than 5 million copies and is considered one of the best fantasy novels of all time. In 1982 there was an animated movie based on the book. While the animated film had an A list cast for the voice acting such as Angela Lansbury, Jeff Bridges, Christopher Lee, and Mia Farrow, it unfortunately underperformed at the box office. The animated film did become a cult classic over time.

According to my source, “According to the Beagleverse website, The live adaptation will be produced by Beagleverse which is a recently formed company founded by entertainment industry veterans Lauren Sands and Michael Heard in partnership with Beagle. I’m happy for Beagle that he will have creative control over his novel to do the live action the way he sees fit. Beagle sued his former manager back in 2015 for stealing his money and claimed elder abuse. Luckily last year he regained control over all of his projects based on his current books and anything he writes in the future. If you want more info about what his manager did to him check out Clownfish TV’s video about it on YouTube. If I ever have bestselling work that Hollywood wants to make into a film I’m going to make sure I have a lot of say in what happens and what doesn’t. Writers need to be smart about how Hollywood can and cannot treat their work.