Kill Show

Kill Show

The town of Fredrick Maryland never knew what was going to hit them when sixteen year old Sara Parcell goes missing chaos ensues as you would expect as it becomes a national sensation and a producer interested in advancing her career does a reality series in real time of the family grieving and the town trying to find Sara and find out who the suspect is. All of a sudden the biggest twist ever happens one that you wouldn’t expect.


Pros & Cons

Just to clarify this book is not a true crime novel despite the fact that it has the True Crime added to it. I read a book somewhat similar to it called Penance, by Eliza Clark. However what Kill Show does better than Penance is Daniel Sweren Becker, the author lays out a cast of characters that you would expect so you know whose talking and their relation to the reality show and victim whereas Penance read like a rough draft and took too heavily from the Shanda Sharer Case and you were confused about who was talking and about who. I like that this book is commentary on true crime and how like anything, it can turn into an obsession and what people would do for notoriety and fame. The characters are slightly one dimensional caricatures but that’s what you would expect when writing about the motivations of people and crime and fame. I do like detective Felix, the other characters I wouldn’t say are my favorite or least favorite.



For a short book it gives you a lot to think about. I like that its commentary on true crime and how it can be an unhealthy obsession and what people would do to sell their souls to get famous and make true crime into entertainment. I’m not saying don’t pay attention to when a crime happens but remember we shouldn’t focus on the murderer or it being “entertainment” we need to remember real people were killed and the people who knew them that were affected. Thank you Heather Drucker for this early copy. If you don’t have a physical or netgalley copy of Kill Show, preorder the book coming out on October 3rd of this year!