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Kate Quinn News!

Happy New Year everyone! This is the first newsletter of 2021! Although its 2021 it’s too early to tell if this year will be better or worse than 2020 or not. However we can do our best to bring sunshine wherever we are to ourselves and to the people around us. I have lots of good news for the new year regarding author Kate Quinn its more news about “The Rose Code,” and her new novel she is working on now that has Lyudmila Pavlichenko a real life female Russian sniper in it. The first bit of news I will cover is more news about “The Rose Code.”


Kate Quinn posted on her instagram account that “The Rose Code,” which comes out in March, has been optioned to Black Bear Productions. Kate is excited as well as keeping a level head about the news. Kate’s instagram, @katequinn5975 This is the part where I remind myself that a film option isn’t a guarantee that a book will make it to the screen—it’s just the first step in a very long process. This is also the part where I dance up and down because Black Bear Productions also produced “The Imitation Game, and I couldn’t hope to see The Rose Code and my Bletchley Park women in better hands!!! This is exciting as I mentioned in an old newsletter that her book, “The Alice Network,” was optioned as a mini-series from Warner Brothers. I can’t wait to read “The Rose Code,” and if the movie should go ahead I will definitely do a book vs film review, don’t worry I plan on doing those in the future as well.


The second bit of news is I found ou the name of Kate’s new novel she is working on, also from her instagram account. Back at Christmas time I wrote that she had Lyudmila Pavlichenko in her book which was a tiny snippet of a spoiler about who would be in her novel. The name of the novel Kate Quinn is working on now is, “The Diamond Eye.” It sounds like it will be an exciting one. I hope this newsletter is a good start to The New Year for everyone.



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