It Ends With Us

It Ends With Us

Today I finished reading It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover. It’s my second time reading a novel by Hoover, the first time I read Verity.  Lily Bloom hasn’t had an easy life growing up and the day of her abusive father’s funeral she meets a man named Ryle Kincaid who will also be an abuser. Lily’s first love from her teenage years, Atlas comes back into her life. This novel I know has gotten mixed reactions. I wasn’t sure I would like this one but I’m glad I gave it a chance.



I do like the fact that the story that is from Lily’s point of view is the point of view of someone in the abusive relationship.  Those of us who have never been in that situation, it’s easy for us to say what they should have done and what we would have done if it were us. I also like that the novel stresses the importance of gathering the strength to break the cycles so that way our children won’t suffer in the same way. I also like the character of Atlas. I swooned over him. Atlas grew up in a bad predicament like Lily did but despite everything, he rose above his circumstances just like Lily did which is why they would make a great couple.



Sometimes the novel seemed to meander a little bit. People thought Ryle was romantic even before the abuse happened. I disagreed I found him to be a pathetic arrogant f-boy from the beginning.  That one scene I rolled my eyes when he was basically begging Lily to have sex with him. Even if Ryle wasn’t abusive he’s still not husband material due to that reason alone.



Overall I liked the novel. I can’t wait to read the sequel It Starts With Us to read more of what happens on Lily’s journey. I have It Starts With US on hold at the library. I also can’t wait to see how Blake Lively does portraying Lily Bloom in the movie version of It Ends With Us.