Isabella the She Wolf of France becoming a TV Series!

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Isabella the She Wolf of France becoming a TV Series

Good morning everyone! Or good evening depending on which time zone you’re in. I found out exciting news from author Alison Weir on her Facebook page. I asked her since she wrote a biography on Isabella the She Wolf of France would she ever write a historical fiction novel about Isabella. I also asked her also how the filming of the Eleanor of Aquitaine series is going based on her books. Below is Alison Weir’s response.


Book Notions I’m not sure about a novel, as I’ve just written about Isabella again in Queens of the Age of Chivalry, out in November, but Starz has just optioned the biography and are keen to make a TV series. Despite delays and a backlog of projects due to the pandemic, they are pressing ahead with the Eleanor series.


This news has made my morning. It makes me happy that the Eleanor of Aquitaine series is still happening, but what’s even better is we’ll see an Isabella the She Wolf of France series. We’ll see an accurate series about Isabella being the strong, intelligent queen she was instead of this Jezebel caricature that many portray her as. Isabella had her faults like everyone else does, but her husband Edward II was not just a terrible husband but a weak king and a tyrant.


The Isabella, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Catherine De Medici and Nzinga TV series coming to Starz it’ll open a flood gate of other series about royal women that haven’t been done before. While seeing shows about the Tudors and Plantagenet’s are great, we’ve seen a ton of shows and books about them already.  It’s nice to finally branch out into the world.