In A Holidaze

In A Holidaze

Today I spent the rest of my Sunday finishing reading “In A Holidaze,” by Christina Lauren. This is my second romantic comedy book from the fantastic duo that I read. I knew I would love it because it has Christmas, time travel and of course romance and comedy. It definitely has me in the Christmas mood. I laughed a lot of times and I also got teary eyed once. Maeyln Jones is unhappy in her life with her new job and having to move back home. She also has a crush on a family friend since forever but was afraid to make the first move. If things couldn’t get any worse Maeyln’s family friends are selling the cabin they go to every Christmas. Maeyln makes a wish pleading with the universe to please show her what will make her happy. Before the car she’s in crashes with the other one, she wakes back up in on the plane on its way to Utah. It will keep happening until Mae figures out a way to get out of the time loop.



I love that the setting was in Utah and you can picture the cabin and the snow and the winter air. The characters are wonderfully written. My favorites other than the main character of Maeyln Jones, was Benny the Australian family friend. Benny was hilarious. I love the fact that she wasn’t just going after Andrew the family friend she has feelings for but she figured out that she had to take chances and pursue what she wanted.



After the book hangover I had after reading, “Once Upon a Wardrobe,” it took me a little bit to get into “In a Holidaze,” but once I did I did. I wished the story could last forever honestly. Anytime I read a spectacular book that’s not just good, but wonderful I always think the story is too short something Jane Austen similarly said and something she and I agree with.



Overall this book is another treasure. We all need some Christmas magic especially with covid still lurking around and every other ugly thing happening out there. Thank you Christina Lauren for another lovely book! I can’t wait to read more from you.