If It Bleeds Mr. Harrigan's Phone

If It Bleeds-Mr. Harrigan’s Phone

The story that stood out to me from Stephen King’s short story “If It Bleeds,” was the short story, “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone.” Its about a young boy named Craig who befriends an eccentric elderly billionaire Mr. Harrigan. Craig will read books to him as well as clean and Harrigan pays him. Eventually Harrigan dies and Craig thinks he’s gone forever. Though he finds that just because Harrigan is dead, doesn’t mean he’s gone. In fact Craig leave’s messages on Harrigan’s iphone and some mysterious deaths happen…



I like the characters. I like the fact that this story has an age gap in friendships it’s something not talked about often in books. I like that we see Craig grow from a boy into a young man. It definitely put me in the spooky mood for Halloween.



I think this short story was better than the other short stories and I wish “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone,” had potential to be a novel in my opinion. It’s a story I wish could have continued. The ending seemed somewhat open ended. Or at least that’s how I saw it in my opinion.




Overall I enjoyed the short story a lot. I can’t wait to see the movie version on Netflix and compare notes on what’s different and the same. I will do a book vs adaptation review and decide which one was better.