I Need You To Read This

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I Need You To Read This

As I scrolled and checked out others Instagram stories, I came across Jessa Maxwell’s story and saw that there was a book with her name on it. That can only mean one thing. Jessa has a new book coming titled I Need You To Read This. After reading the Amazon description it could only mean one thing, I need to read this! The plot of Jessa’s second murder mystery novel has me hooked. I wrote my description of the book inspired by the Amazon description!

 Years ago, Alex Marks relocated to New York for a fresh new start. Alex has an easy enough life going to her favorite diner for coffee, keeping to herself and working on her copywriting job. Alex’s world changes when her childhood hero Francis Keen is murdered in a brutal way. Francis was the woman behind the advice column Dear Constance which has helped Alex in difficult times.

When Alex sees an advertisement searching for Francis’s replacement, Alex of course applies not wanting to let an opportunity pass. Alex never expected that she would get the job. Alex quickly proves she can hold her own in this job. Soon Alex receives threatening letters at the office. Francis’s murderer was never identified, and her murder never solved which makes everyone a suspect including Alex’s sleazy boss editor in chief Howard Dmitri who stays late at the office quite often.

 Alex is drawn into Francis’s case and her own dark secrets rise to the surface. Alex finds herself in a dangerous game which takes her from Manhattan to the beaches of the Hamptons where Francis wrote her final letter. Francis’s killer is now waiting for Alex. Alex must figure out who murdered Francis and why before she’s next.

 I loved Jessa’s first murder mystery The Golden Spoon, so of course the plot for her second book I Need You To Read This has me hooked. I Need You To Read This comes out on August 13th 2024! I can’t wait to read this book and to do a Behind The Book Q&A on this with you Jessa!