I Need You To Read This

I Need You To Read This

Alex Marks moves to New York City ready for a fresh start. Alex lives a mundane life working as a copy writer. Around this time, murder of her childhood idol, advice columnist Francis Keen the behind the Dear Constance letters throws Alex & many of Francis’s fans for a loop. Alex sees an advertisement for Francis’s job, and impulsively applies for it never expecting to get it until she does! While starting her dream job, not everything is as glamourous as it seems. Alex starts getting strange letters and she can’t help but wonder if editor in chief Howard Dmitri was somehow involved in Francis’s death. Alex must find out who murdered Francis before she meets the same fate.


Writing, Characters, Twists & Turns

Where do I begin? I requested a copy from netgalley and was excited that they excepted. So of course, I began reading speeding through it yesterday and finishing it today. Jessa Maxwell does it again. I like the fact that Alex Marks is an advice columnist whose been through a rough patch of her own, trying to find out who killed her childhood hero and why which makes this murder mystery original. The characters both good and evil were well written & my favorites were Alex, Janice & Raymond. There were so many twists & turns, I won’t go into too much detail because I’m afraid I’m going to spoil it, but Jessa Maxwell is a master at her craft. If you thought Jessa’s debut novel The Golden Spoon was excellent, she does even better with I Need You To Read This.  Theres nothing I dislike about this book, I just wish it were longer because I enjoyed it a lot!




If you love murder mysteries & you’re a fan of Jessa Maxwell’s The Golden Spoon, then you are going to love I Need You To Read This. If you don’t have a physical or digital copy of I Need You To Read This, the book will be available on August 13th! I suggest preorder it now! Thank you so much Jessa Maxwell for another twisty murder mystery! I look forward to our Behind The Book Q&A discussing it!