I Love It When You Lie

I Love It when You Lie

Today I finished reading the novel I Love It When You Lie. I Love It When You Lie, is about the Williams Sisters. The Williams Sisters are close as any sister can be, though they each have secrets that must be buried and they each have a man they can do without. Tara the pastors wife had been stealing church funds, June would do anything to have a child including stealing one from the hospital. (What’s scarier than this story is there have been true stories that it’s happened.) Clementine is having an affair with her married professor who has been accused of unwanted advances towards other women. Their sister in law Stephanie the outsider knows all their secrets. This past weekend their Gran died and they must return home to bury her. Only their grandmother isn’t the only woman they are burying this weekend.



The idea for the storyline is awesome. I do like the character of Stephanie the outsider and the sister in law. Out of all the sections of the novel I enjoyed reading her parts the most. I liked that it was first person from her part. Clementine I do like the fact that she’s going to college in New York to write and she’s trying to be more than a stereotypical southern hillbilly.




I’m not a huge fan of the rest of the sisters honestly. I almost added Clementine to this list but decided you know I did kinda like her. I also think the book could have benefitted by being shorter in my opinion. I’m glad that when I saw the reviews on goodreads they agreed. I also agree with one review that said that the murder mystery didn’t come till the very end. Maybe if the book was shorter, I would have liked this one better. Unfortunately I did not.





It was a nice effort but it wasn’t for me. At least I got an early copy of this novel from her agent. If you aren’t a blogger and you don’t have netgalley, pre-order I Love It When You Lie coming out on March 14th of this year.