House Of Glass

House Of Glass

House Of Glass by Sarah Pekkanen is another murder mystery. We all become envious of seeing families who are perfect compared to our own don’t we? Correction, we get jealous of those who appear to be perfect. Note I italicized the word appear. The Barclay family appear perfect in public but behind the scenes they are anything but. A young nanny fell to her death. Question is, did she plunge to her death or was she pushed? Everyone in that house is a suspect from the divorcing parents, 9-year-old Ruth Barclay, the boyfriend of the deceased nanny to the grandmother. Stella Hudson serves as counsel for children in custody cases, comes to the house to try to figure out what happened to the nanny and why someone would want her dead… When I received an email from NetGalley that this book is available to read I immediately downloaded the book, and I started reading it Saturday & finished it today!


Writing, Pacing & Characters

The characters were well written, but my favorite character was Stella. I liked her backstory as to how she became who she is. The pacing & writing were excellent. The pacing was slow enough to keep you invested in the mystery but not slow to where you are immediately bored. The twist as to who was behind Tina’s death I did not see coming which is what makes it a great mystery! Certain things seemed farfetched, but overall I enjoyed it!




Overall if you’re a fan of Sarah Pekkanen & Greer Hendricks or if you’re a mystery fan in general and this is your first time reading any solo work by Sarah Pekkanen, I recommend this book! If you don’t have a copy from NetGalley or a physical copy, I would preorder House Of Glass coming out on August 6th 2024! Thank you, Sarah, for writing this great book! I can’t wait to do this Behind The Book with you.