Hercules Twisted Tale!

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Hercules Twisted Tale!

 I have some wonderful book related news, especially for those who are fans of Disney, The Twisted Tales and myths, especially the Hercules myth. I found out last night after seeing author Jen Calonita standing next to a woman dressed as Meg that it has been confirmed that Jen is working on the Hercules Twisted Tale. It will be book 11 in The Twisted Tale series. Below is the post from her instagram account.


The word is out! Now that Publishers Weekly has shared their 2021 Spring Children’s Preview, I can finally reveal that I’m writing the 11th book in the Twisted Tale series, GO THE DISTANCE! This time out, Megara from Hercules must complete a dangerous quest in order to earn a spot on Mount Olympus. I cannot wait for you all to get your hands on this one! (My awesome editor @brittbit10 snapped this picture of me last fall at NY Comic-Con when the book was just a twinkle in our eyes.) @disneybooks #twistedtales #hercules #gothedistance #disneybooks

I’m so glad a Hercules Twisted Tale book is coming. I enjoyed Jen’s Snow White Twisted Tale book, “Mirror Mirror,” and her Frozen Twisted Tale, “Conceal Don’t Feel.” I have so many theories as to how this could go. Maybe Meg needs to rescue Hercules from Hades if Hercules had to stay behind in order to save Meg? Or Hercules excepts a spot on Mount Olympus and wants Meg with him too, but in order to prove Meg loves him she must go on a quest to prove it almost like a Eros and Psyche scenario but more dangerous? It will definitely be an interesting book to read either way if it’s any of my theories or if it’s something totally different than what I was expecting.

 If you’re a huge fan of Disney and mythology especially Greek mythology like I am, this should have you excited. I know the Disney cartoon is a cult classic despite not doing well when it initially came out. Disney is also working on a live action Hercules film as well. It will be interesting what type of spin the story will take on this myth since it’s been adapted many times whether in book form or t.v./movie form.  I will update you all when there is more news.