Her Too

Her Too

Last night I began reading an early copy of Her Too by Bonnie Kistler and finished it this afternoon. Her Too is about Kelly McCann a lawyer whose specialty is defending men accused of sex crimes. Despite being called a traitor to her sex Kelly doesn’t care, she also maintains that the accused are the ones who are innocent. One night though everything changes as she now becomes the victim of an assault from one of the very men who she had acquitted. Kelly teams up with the other women who were raped by him and they plan his revenge. One by one each woman dies suspiciously and Kelly could be next on the list.


Pros & Cons

The book was a fast paced read. I began it last night and finished it today. The idea for the story is good with the lawyer now seeing the truth about who she defended, it’s just a shame that it took Kelly becoming raped herself to realize it. I like her family life with her two children and how dedicated she is to taking care of her husband who is in a coma and how they met and that there was an age gap. The rape scene happened early on in the book just to warn the reader. The characters were unlikeable, forgettable and like cartoon characters. I also felt so much of what happened in the book was unrealistic. While the ending was odd I give it credit for not seeing it coming.




Her Too will be published on July 4th. If you don’t have a physical or netgalley copy pre-order the book now. Thank you Heather Drucker for sending me an early copy.