Hannah: Mother of a Prophet

Hannah: Mother of a Prophet

I finished the novel “Hannah: Mother of a Prophet,” by H.B. Moore. I’ve seen her books pop up on Amazon here and there. Netgalley was kind enough to except my request for this title. It was my first time reading from H.B. Moore she writes biblical women fiction and under her name Heather B. Moore she writes regular historical fiction. If you’re a fan of historical fiction and historical biblical fiction I say it’s worth checking out even if it’s not your favorite.



H.B. Moore has a gift of making the biblical story of Hannah come alive. It was as though you were there thousands of years ago. You can relate to women of the bible because they’ve been through some of the same issues women of today have but they remember to always have faith in God and that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to.



The biggest flaw of this book was even though it was titled “Hannah: Mother of a Prophet,” it didn’t focus on Hannah as much as it should have. The novel focused heavily on Samuel and Abigail’s love story. Don’t get me wrong Samuel and Abigail’s love story was good but it might make readers confused wondering, “Is this about Hannah? Or is it about Abigail and Samuel?” I understand Samuel is also a main character since he is Hannah’s son but his romance story takes up the book.



Overall it was a good read. It had been awhile since I read biblical historical fiction. Sometimes Christian fiction can either be really good or really cheesy. This book is something to try. Pre-order it now so you can receive it on June 6th 2022. Thank you Netgalley for excepting my requests to read books.