Gone Tonight

Gone Tonight

Ruth and Catherine Sterling are mother and daughter running from Ruth’s past and it’s always been the two of them against the world. Unfortunately for Ruth, her past does eventually start to slowly catch up with her. Catherine starts to question the little that she does know about her mother. Gone Tonight is a mystery but it also has the love of a mother and daughter for a theme and how far a mother would go to protect her child.



I love the main characters of Ruth and Catherine. I also liked that the twists in the story isn’t what I originally suspected. I also enjoyed reading Ruth’s journal entries going little by little about her past and what led up to the present. I also liked the ending as well and thought it was sweet.



I felt the story dragged here and there but that was my only gripe with the book.




Overall I enjoyed the book and it was my first time reading from Sarah Pekkanen who I did a Q&A with earlier this year. If you don’t have an early physical or netgalley copy, pre-order the book Gone Tonight coming out on August 1st of this year. Thank you to both Katie Bassel and Sarah Pekkanen for the early copy.