Get Signed: Find an Agent, Land a Book Deal, and Become a Published Author

Get Signed: Find an Agent, Land a Book Deal, and Become a Published Author

Today I finished reading a valuable book titled Get Signed: Find an Agent, Land A Book Deal, and Become a Published Author by Lucinda Halpern. Get Signed has a ton of information to cover for aspiring authors on how to get an agent and land a book deal and to do it correctly. While the book is short, it packs a bunch of information in that is important if it’s time for you to take that big leap to get your story out into the world.


Valuable Information & Boost to Confidence

I liked that Lucinda stressed the importance of knowing your audience whether the book you have written is fiction or nonfiction while also giving the audience something new that no one else has yet. While there is a ton of important information, my favorite part of the book was Lucinda providing examples of query letters authors have sent to their agents pitching their books no matter what genre they wrote. It will be a guide for me for when I do have a book written and it’s time for me to get it to an agent, it’s given me a boost of confidence. While I am a writer by default with my blog, I have tried to write my own stories but never finished them, letting perfectionism & self-doubt stop me from finishing it. It’s a good thing that Lucinda reminds the writers to not let perfectionism get in the way.  Heck some of the authors I have done Q&As with tell you get the story finished first no matter how bad it is, and you can edit it later. You can’t edit a blank page.




Overall, I found a lot of valuable information in Get Signed. I will reread it again when I need a guide and jot some notes down or highlight sections in certain pages to help me remember things. If you are an aspiring author whether you have your book finished or not, this is a valuable book. If you’re just interested in the publishing world, this is also a great read! Thank you, Lucinda, I look forward to our Q&A!