Four Winds News!

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Four Winds News!

I have some good news to share that isn’t depressing like the Magic School Bus author passing away. On Kristin Hannah’s Facebook page and on her instagram account she posted about the cover of her novel that comes out next year called, “The Four Winds.” “The Four Winds,” takes place during The Great Depression era. Check out my newsletter about “Four Winds,” seeing the amazon description of the book. On instagram Kristin showed her excitement about the cover reveal of “The Four Winds,” and that an excerpt from the novel. Below is her post on instagram.

 kristinhannahauthor Its here!!!! At long last! The cover reveal for THE FOUR WINDS! And check out @people for an exclusive excerpt from the novel. Woo hoo! What do you think? You can preorder your copy now!

 The novel comes out on February 9th 2021. Go to click on the cover of “The Four Winds,” if you wish to pre-order now. Happy Reading everyone! Enjoy a good book and stay safe from this corona virus.