Follow Her Down

Follow Her Down

Elise Rockwood is reinventing herself after a difficult past. Elise’s sister Robin was murdered when Elise was ten. Elise’s mother became housebound and her brother Kyle, sees conspiracies everywhere. For a long time, Elise had an aimless lifestyle. Now Elise is living in a mountain lodge and having guests stay in the nearby cabins for business. Everything seems to go as well as it could be, until her married ex-lover Christian gets killed in the same woods her sister did decades before. At first Elise won’t believe there’s any connection between the two murders, but after a certain point, she can’t ignore the fact that her brother Kyle might be right after all.


Story, Writing & Twists

I love the story & the writing is descriptive and it was fast paced that I could get through it quickly. You think you know what’s coming and then toward the end, there’s twists involved that you didn’t see coming. I wasn’t a huge fan of Elise for a while as she was the stereotypical unreliable narrator who drank a lot that you see in some mysteries anymore. I did like Elise in the end as she did grow as a person. I also felt that the way the book ended, there could be a potential for a sequel, but I can’t say what happened or else that would spoil it.



If you enjoy a good mystery and a quick read, & if you’re a fan of Victoria Helen Stone/Victoria Dahl, you will enjoy Follow Her Down by Victoria Helen Stone. If you don’t have a copy, what are you waiting for? Follow Her Down is released today on June 4th!