Five Bad Deeds

Five Bad Deeds

Elle is a mother, wife and teacher who seems to have it all and is an all-around good citizen. One day however Ellen receives a letter telling her that her bad deeds are catching up to her. Ellen might have said a harsh word here or there but she didn’t think she’d done something to incur such wrath. Ellen is on a quest to find out who is sending these notes and threats and why before time runs out. I was thankful I received an early copy of Five Bad Deeds by the fabulous Heather Drucker.


Pros & Cons

The story did hook me in at first and perhaps it’s because the plot idea hooked me in and I’m a fan of mysteries. I do enjoy the twist at the end. I also enjoy that the story takes place in England. I love it when stories take places in different parts of the world. I think my issues with this one are the book was too long and I couldn’t get invested into any of the characters. I think if the book was shorter I would have enjoyed it more.



Overall while it wasn’t my favorite or least favorite I appreciate the effort. Thank you Heather Drucker for the early arc. If you don’t have an early arc, preorder Five Bad Deeds, which will be published on December 5th.